I will try and keep you updated from here...

I already smell neglection on this end XD



25/6 2015
I think I solved the RSS mystery, not to mention the flaws going on while updating.
I will do some more tests on the RSS-thing some other day.

So, when your css finally updates (think it is ctrl+f5 on windows otherwise), I hope you don't find the new looks too much of a change.

23/6 2015
I'm currently working on solving the RSS for the comic. Also note that the comic is the only thing you will get updated about from the RSS (unless I do something wrong with it).
In the name of logic I'll have to run a few tests.. Just saying in case you jump on to it too early.
The RSS will/can be found among the cluttered up little icons to the right side on the page(s).

So, still working on updating the homepage.
Have been doing a lot of structure changes and intend to start focusing to add some more work here.

Uploading comic pages are still on hold.

Please do not block advertisements on this site. It would be great if they one day can help pay for the cost of running the site. Thank you! <3