For ages: 20+
I sincerely don't really know the rating, but I know I'm not doing this for children.
But if you are a "mentally mature" 13 year old little person, you probably will be okey if you are raised by mentally healthy people.
This is a fantasy comic, not a place to get educated or find role models in life.

It surely will contain:
violence, mild nudity, sexual hints, inappropriate language (not to mention possible language flaws) and mentally disturbed characters.

Most likely it will stay "safe" for most ages...
But I promise nothing!



Comic specific

Are Opalond and Etran a couple?
Had to add this, people actually keeps asking XD.
No, but they are very (very!) close friends.
And if it amuzes you, I don't think Etran would mind an everyday hug policy ;)


Why don't you let us comment?
Mostly because it needs administration, sometimes answers. I don't have the time for that yet.
Also a matter of storage space, can I afford it in the long run?

Can we draw fanart?
Please do! Just don't forget to show me! :)

Why are you doing this comic?
Started out as me having problems finding a comic that fitted my interests, so I thought "hey, why not make my own?"
So there you have it: insanity!

Donations go to?

First goal is to get donations, advertisement and products sold (see ArtPrints) to help pay for
the cost of keeping the homepage of the comic running.

Other ways to support

If you want to support in small scale, but are unable to donate, please view the homepage in a
browser where you can see advertisement.

Another way to show support for the comic is to vote for "Opalond VII" once in a while over at TopWebComics (can be done once every day and no login is needed).

Please do not block advertisements on this site. It would be great if they one day can help pay for the cost of running the site. Thank you! <3