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What you see now are short descriptions of the characters.
Eventually each of them will have links that can lead you to more detailed information about them.

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Ophyal = the planet where Opalond and his people lives.

Ihztar = the planet where the humans lives.

Portcas = the "place" where the Carans lives.

**Main characters**

Opalond VII

The one with the title Opalond is "the ruler of the planet" and the most powerful of them all. He has everything anyone could wish for: wealth, health, servants and good looks.
He is admired, feared and loved by everyone... And he doesn't care about any of it! Well, except for the Fortress and his powers of course.

Age at the beginning of the comic: 27


He is the happy, friendly and caring type. Patience and good confidence are two of his personality traits that takes him through life.
His personality complements Opalond's in many ways. He was born a charmer and he gets along well with most people. And he actually likes hanging out with Opalond!

Age at the beginning of the comic: 26


The Power of Life escaped the control of Opalond VII, it was transfered to another planet and there it "gave birth" to this new and improved shape, Eniau.
She can make things grow like crazy. So far she can't control it, it just reacts to her mood. She seems happy, carefree, curious and innocent.
She IS a power.

Age at the beginning of the comic: "0"

**More characters**


Guardian of the "Power of Life". A very old creature that has since long been reduced in size and glory. The last, or one of the last, of it's kind.


He lived during the time of Opalond VI, so he is very old. He actually worked for Opalond VI. He now possesses a lot of knowledge and special powerful objects.


She is the Master Seamstress. She works directly for Opalond VII, she makes the decission on which type of clothes he owns. She loves herself, her job and her life. She is known to do whatever she wants to do.

Green One

A Caran that has decided on the "job" to look after the plants on many diferent planets. In these times in the shape of a female figure. The Green One replaced the power of life from Ophyal to Ihztar, with the intention to hide it from Opalond VII.


Some kind of transparent life forms that takes care of Eniau. Friendly but very shy to "outsiders".


A little boy known to run away a lot. He lives on the planet Ihztar where the Power of Life was transferd to. He was first among his people to discover it's "new version", Eniau. He can hear and sense things that his people usually don't.

Thor's mom

A very "easy to worry" person. A bit over protective of her only child. Age somewhere around 30.

Thor's dad

He is mostly a calm, non-worrying type that likes to explore new places. He tries his best to calm his concern-full wife. Age somewhere around 35.


(Name yet to be revealed) Something that appeared when the power of life was removed from the planet.


One of the few children who likes Opalond, and that is only because Opalond once said something that meant a lot for Hieron. (Opalond didn't intend that). Background-character.


Ziacs little sister. Does whatever the older children does. Likes everyone who plays with her or gives her some attention. Background-character.


Mokins older brother. He is known to always keep track of "right and wrong" and usually keeps his playmates out of trouble. Background-character.


Thor's grandpa (father to Thor's father). "Grandpa" likes to study plants and animals. He have had many different jobs in the biology field in his life. Mostly because he has a neverending curiousity about the world. Age somewhere around 60.

Alex Drake

A young man (22), from a noble family. he has achieved a high position in the military thanks to his fathers position, not through talent of any kind. He has a mind of his own, never plays fair and is not a fan of following rules. Most people are afraid of him.

Sam Ellieson

Sam is a quite neutral person that just happened to end up working under the command of Alex. Age 26.

Samson Larix

Samson joined the military so he could help people during troubled times. Instead he ended up under the command of Alex. Age 24.

White One

He is mischievous and playful, yet slightly proud and a bit lazy. He has no problem starting up a task, finishing it is another matter. He claims that his "job" is to guide the winds and the clouds.

Max Drake

Max has a high position in the military and he is one of the few who has some real honour running through his veins. Wealthy and usually successful with most things he does. Raising Alex has been his only failure in life. Since Max is one of the few who don't fear Alex, Max tries to keep him close. Age 48.